Lizardgrrl Wakes!

Bearded dragons and a few other things

Welcome, friends!  I started to build Lizardgrrl Wakes in 2001, with the idea that it would be an online zine, featuring my writing, photography and other artwork.  Life intervened and that webpage never went public.  In 2002, I met a pair of bearded dragons sunning themselves at a local garage sale, and had a wonderful talk with them.  Fascinated, and after some study, I met Fibonacci in July of 2005, and knew that we belonged together.  He was 17 and a half inches long, about a year old, and in desparate need of a new home.  I took him home with me, and things progressed from there.  Fib now weighs in at 20 and  three quarter inches long and 500 grams.  At the moment, there are 11 dragons in the house, each with their own story, and Fib is still in the middle of it all!

The photo here, a perfect little circle, is one of the babies, Mercury, that hatched 16 August, 2008.

The original Lizardgrrl awakening!

Coffee - elixir of the gods!

the only way to start a day, slow, sleepwalk through the process, gradually raising awareness with each step of the making.

lizardgrrl wakes, slowly, searching for coffee, warmth, friends, good food, music, art, humor.  intelligent life evolves, tales are told, points of view are observed, ideas form and grow.  there is danger, risk, here, but that is life... and love (major stories could be told here, but they will wait...) and on and on...  lizardgrrl has often said that life is change, and if you're not changing, you're in big trouble, or boring the hell out of everyone.  the heart is worn on the sleeve here.  it can get pretty banged up, but is always worth it.  i would not trade anything I have done and be less me.  i know where i've been.   if you can't deal with it, leave, NOW!  if you're staying, let's get on with it!  lizardgrrl is wide awake, now!

Join us!

If you like what you see here, and decide you want updates as the site grows,  please join in as a member!  It's free, just go to Member pages in the drop down menu under Contact Us, and you can receive email updates on additions to the site.  You can pick immediate, daily, weekly or monthly updates.  As I am doing a lot of fine-tuning on a number of things right now, monthly may be the best setting for most of you.   I promise, no spam and I am not selling any mailing list to anybody, only trying to provide the best information to help you care for your beardie friends!   Thank you for visiting, and have fun!